Missions Page

Each month we will highlight our missions that we are supporting.  There will be many opportunities to help with our local and international missions.  Please help us in anyway you can.

Food Co-Op: Our Food Co-Op has recently become a Proud Partner with the Food Bank of Iowa.  This partnership will help the church provide more food options in the Food Co-Op while still maintaining the confidentiality of any participants.  Through the Food Bank, the church is able to obtain dairy products, meats, eggs, and produce to supplement its bakery products. 

Blessing Box: The Church sponsors a Blessing Box near the church sign.  The Box is available 24/7 to allow the community to both take items and to supply items.  Once a week, the Church places cereals, quick meals and hygiene products in the Box.   The hygiene products may include Kleenex boxes, diapers and/or sanitary pads.  During the month of March, church members are encouraged to donate hygiene products.

Local Mission: In the month of February we collected for the Margaret Carlson Compassion Fund.  Because of the bad weather Sundays, this mission has been extended through the month of March.  Margaret Carlson was a long-time member of the church and loved to help others in need.  the Compassion Fund goes to help with emergency needs in the community.  It is frequently used to help with Mid America Energy bills.

National Mission: During March, church members are encouraged to explore their house for donations for the Morgan Scott Project thrift store in Tennessee.  The thrift store could use kitchen items, towels and “knick knacks.”  The store helps the Project meet the needs of the people in the counties of Morgan and Scott, two of the poorest counties in Tennessee.

International Mission: During April and October,we take a collection for Jonathan who lives at Happy Life Children’s Home.  The Home provides the abandoned children of Kenya a home and a hope for adoption. Its goals are:

To bring new hope to abandoned children
To provide the babies with quality caregivers who love the babies and their Lord
To meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of each child
To create a “family” atmosphere for the children within the Home and within the church
To have each child adopted by a Christian family www.happylifechildrenshome.com